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  Install Divi Theme on Your Website

Every WordPress site needs a great theme, and you are going to get the best theme available for people who are not web designers or developers. The Divi theme has an amazingly powerful visual builder that lets you edit your website in a similar way to how you would edit a Word or PowerPoint document.

How to Purchase the Divi Theme

  • Go to my affiliate link:
  • Click the green "Join to Download" button
  • Choose Personal, Developer, or Lifetime. In most cases, personal is just fine
  • The Personal and Developer options say the price is per year, but it's important to know that you won't lose access to your theme after a year. You would only lose access to updates if you decide not to renew
  • Fill out your information and make a payment

How to Download and Install Divi

Login to your newly created Elegant Themes account and find the Divi theme. Click the DOWNLOAD button and choose "Theme Package". Save that to your computer.

Go back to your website and go to your wp-admin section and follow these steps:

  • Hover over Appearance and click Themes
  • Click the blue text "Upload Theme" button
  • Choose the file that you just downloaded to your computer and select "Open"
  • Click "Install Now"
  • Click the blue "Activate" link

That's it. Divi is installed. The last step is to start with a beautiful small business template and edit from there. You'll learn how to install that template in the next video.