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  Install WordPress on your Website

In this video we will install WordPress, which is a free content management system that will make it super easy to build your website. WordPress is so effective and popular it is running about 26% of all websites. Learn more interesting information about WordPress here if you want to know more about the platform.

How to Install WordPress

Login to your Account Management Panel at InMotion Hosting and click cPanel. Scroll to the bottom and under "Top Applications" click on WordPress.

Click the blue "Install" button to begin the installation. There will be some options to choose:

  • Choose Protocol: Choose between http:// or http://www (whichever you prefer, it doesn't matter) UNLESS you have an SSL certificate installed on your server, then choose https:// or https://www and remember you can always change this later.
  • Choose Domain: Leave as is
  • In Directory: Leave blank
  • Site Name: Put your business name here
  • Site Description: Put anything you like hereb because it doesn't matter. You can put your business name again if you like.
  • Enable Multisite (WPMU): This MUST remain unchecked
  • Admin Username: Any username you like
  • Admin Password: Choose a strong password! If someone guesses this password they have access to your entire website.
  • Admin Email: Make sure you use a valid email address here because you'll need it if you ever forget your password.
  • Select Language: Whatever you choose
  • Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer): If you check this, anyone that fails to login to your site 3 times will be locked out. It is up to you if you want to install or not.
  • Advanced Options: Don't make any changes here

Click the blue "Install" button.

If you get an error message saying you need to overwrite some files, that's fine. Just say that's okay and click the install button again.

Login to Your WordPress Website

Go to and you will be taken to a login page. Use the username and password you chose before to get logged in.

Great job!

Next we need to install the exceptionally powerful Divi theme.